• Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

  • Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

    A cloud service in which the back-end of a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is hosted by Support Bay, a cloud service provider.

  • A useful subscription based solution that can bring greater flexibility, ease of administration and cost savings to organizations.

  • DaaS offers a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that is hosted by our cloud data centers and is typically based on a monthly subscription fee model. DaaS utilizes a multi-tenancy architecture, which means that a single instance of an application is served to multiple users, referred to as "tenants."  Support Bay would manage the back-end responsibilites of data storage, backup, security and upgrades.  

    Typically, the customer's personal data is copied to and from the virtual desktop during logon/logoff and access to the desktop is device, location and network independent.  Customers usually manage their own desktop images, applications and security, unless those desktop management services are part of the subscription.  Lifting the desktop management burden off your IT department is, in fact, the biggest advantage of Desktop as a Service(DaaS) -- where virtual desktops are provided by a Support Bay, cloud hosting service.

    Desktop as a Service is a good alternative for a small or mid-size businesses (SMBs) that want to provide their end users with the advantages a virtual desktop infrastructure offers, but find that deploying a VDI in-house to be cost-prohibitive in terms of budget and staffing.

    Are you still unsure how DaaS applies to you or your business? Answer these questions below:
    1. Do you want to reduce the cost of managing applications?
    2. What about supporting operating system migrations?
    3. How many of your employees work remotely or on-the-go?
    4. Are you concerned about the security of the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) movement?
    Did answering these questions raise more questions? Contact our team and learn more!