• Laptop Repair

  • SupportBay repairs laptops of all makes and models. Some leading laptop brand names we cover include Apple MAC, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Alienware, Compaq, Asus, Gateway, Panasonic, Samsung, NEC and more.

    If you need component-level repairs, we have the resources to get them done for you. Most repairs can be completed at your location or in our computer repair store. We'll do your computer repairs faster and better than any where else.

    • Fix broken laptop DC Power Jack/Connector
    • Water/liquid Spilled on laptop or it’s keyboard
    • Replace damaged LCD, LCD inverter board or backlight (Faded or Dimmed Image On LCD)
    • Bad AC Adapter or power not working properly
    • Laptop hard disk Boot Failure
    • Broken Laptop Casing, Hinges , Latches Etc
    • Random shut downs. Under the laptop getting too hot
    • Broken LCD Or Cracked Laptop Display
    • Bad notebook motherboard or fan
    • Stripes On Laptop LCD
    • Battery Charging Issues
    • Laptop or CPU Fan Assembly Failure
    • Non Functional CD-RW or DVD Drive
    • Erratic Keys And Mouse Pad Issues
    If you hold the AC adapter cord at a certain angle and apply the proper pressure just to establish a connection, or if the AC adapter port feels loos and turns on and off intermittently you may need our laptop DC power jack repair service on your notebook.

    Our experienced technicians fix all laptop DC Jack problems at our own site unlike many other computer repair shops who send out your laptop to other repair centers.  This ensure get back your notebook faster. SupportBay does all laptop repairs at our own location.