• Testimonials

  • Support Bay's team of professional security engineers where able to provide us a full detailed security assessment on our company's entire network in few days, and a cost less than a thousand dollars. Their detailed reports exposed the security flaws that our company would have never been able to find out on our own. We have addressed all the security concerns, and now can rest assured that the chances of being hacked has been greatly diminished.

    Rating: Donna Rager

  • Support Bay is a leader among Office 365 migration consultants. Excellent communication and professional skills created a highly functional team who accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work in short timelines. Support Bay's experience and expertise guided us to the successful completion of a very tedious task. Each project action item and status was clearly communicated and potential issues were addressed prior to the start of each task."

    Rating: Constance C. Bennett

  • Speedy and effective service that collects and delivers straight to your door. Very professional and on time technicians! Much cheaper than buying a new laptop! My business is blessed to have found Support Bay.

    Rating: Thomas Blais

  • The migration process was a positive experience for us. We felt like the situation was expertly and quickly handled and we were up and running in a short amount of time. Support Bay has been very helpful in making sure our systems are properly maintained and supported when situations do come up. The system works better than we imagined.

    Rating: Andrew Vasquez

  • The service was excellent and extremely good value for money. I thought that my laptop was pretty much beyond repair, but it came back better than ever. (Plus cleaner than it was when I got it!) Everyone I spoke to or emailed during the short time it was being repaired was helpful and professional. I would definitely use this service again, or recommend it to others. Thanks very much.

    Rating: Tim Oakland

  • As a professional NBA IT team manager, I have been using Support Bay engineers for various tasks for years. Our organization and recently utilized Support Bay cloud services to manage and optimize our entire team marketing campaigns. We have had nothing but praise for their professionalism and work ethics. Support Bay is one of IT's best kept secret, and I have no doubt that your company will benefit as ours has by dealing with Support Bay.

    Rating: Sara J. Lane

  • Support Bay has provided a level of expertise and service far above our expectations. I would recommend Support Bay to any organization seeking true expertise in networks, cloud solutions and applications.

    Rating: Brett Manning

  • My organization has used Support Bay for some time now and has loved our partnership with them. So much so, in fact, that we have recently deployed their services in a second location. Their seamless integration and system builds are second to none. Support Bay is a tremendous organization and a great asset to have for any SMB business.

    Rating: Max Levin