• Managed Print Services

  • Managed Print Services

    Reduce your current printing and imaging costs and provide a foundation for future savings.

  • Do you have a clear idea of what your company is spending each year for printer hardware, toner, ink cartridges, paper and management overhead?

    Support Bay's managed print services optimizes your printing resources, saving your organization money and relieving your IT department of service and support responsibilities.

    Allow Support Bay to provide your firm a thirty minutes non invasive assessment of the organization’s current print infrastructure to determine exactly what equipment is in place and how much it costs your business.  To determine the right amount of hardware, Support Bay's assessment not only determines an accurate count of all relevant hardware, but it will log the age of each unit and its monthly use volumes.

    With managed print services, your company pays a set monthly fee that's based on a per-page rate set at the start of your contract.  The monthly fee covers acquistion of any new equipment, consumables and maintenance services.  

    We then move to turn the assessment data into savings opportunity to find ways of eliminating unnecessary equipment. Support Bay will also perform routine maintenance on your equipment and step in to fix any breakdowns that occur, so your company can make better use of your IT staff.  

    Support Bay's managed print services will make your printing costs more predictable, so even if an old device needs to be replaced, your organization’s capital expense budget doesn’t take a hit.  With Support Bay's MPS, your company consolidates its spending for consumables across the whole organization rather than losing out on volume discounts when each department buys its own supplies. Also, your organization will no longer have cartridges sitting in stockrooms, and no need to keep toner or ink inventory on hand to keep machines constantly supplied with consumables.  Support Bay's managed print services includes ongoing monitoring of your company's printing volumes so we can make sure devices stay stocked with toner and ink.

    Support Bay's managed print services is a catalyst for big cost savings and an increase in your office efficiency.  In most cases, Support Bay can reduce your company's hardware count without impacting productivity by finding more efficient hardware options, such as multifunction printers (MFPs), which combine a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine within a single device.

    So what are you waiting for, have Support Bay remove burden from your internal IT staff and admin resources and reduce your print and copy hard costs by as much as 30%.   With nothing to buy, having a single predictable monthly bill every month, and no unexpected service bills, and no consumables to worry about, managed print services is the right move for your company.