• Network Assessment

  • Network Assessment

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  • The network assessment plays an essential role in planning for new network implementations or troubleshooting existing ones. Not having an accurate picture of a network’s capabilities and issues can pose serious problems that could complicate, even undermine, a planned implementation and current employee productivity. Organizations plagued by network issues can also greatly benefit from a network assessment. Testing and analyzing all areas of network performance will uncover underlying causes for each issue. 

    You get:

    • Client Risk Summary Report
    • Full Detail Report
    • Asset Detail Report
    • Excel Export Report
    • Change Management Report
    • XP Migration Readiness Report


  • Typically, a network assessment will measure and analyze performance of the following: 

    Server Configuration and Network devices – switches, routers, hubs, etc. Includes capacity issues related to CPU, memory, general performance tuning

    Applications – e-mail, database, web services, antiVirus, backups,

    Security Implementation – Firewall Configuration and Anti-Virus protection reviewed. Review security of account access on server to ensure data is available on an as needed basis.

    Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Capabilities –Evaluate recovery time objective and recovery point objective

    Remote Access Setup – VPN, Terminal Server, Remote Web Workplace, RPC over HTTPS, Outlook Web Access, Mobile devices ( Blackberries, Smart Phones…)

    Printing configurations – Shared printing capabilities

    Network Topology/Wiring - Review of wiring and switch configuration  

    • We make an objective review of an organization’s data / voice environment in terms of current functionality, security and disaster recovery/business continuity capabilities
    • We also review the network design based upon industry best practices, its current performance and ability to meet the organization’s requirements
    • We look at 9 key components of your network infrastructure,
    • Assess your environmental conditions,
    • Document your network,
    • Provide you with documentation to be used as a baseline for future implementations.

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