• Security Assessment

  • How secure is your company's network, web site, computers?

    Your company does not know what you don't know.  Find out by ordering our security assessment.

  • By allowing Support Bay to run the a non-invasive data collector security assessment on your company's domain server, you will know exactly how secure your company's servers and computers really are. Our award winning proprietary data analyzer crunches your network data and produces a baseline set of network security reports. Either as a stand-alone, one-time IT security assessment, or as part of a regularly-scheduled managed security service, Support Bay is here to provide you with a comprehensive security assessment report.

    Your IT Security Assessment will consist of the following elements:

    • SECURITY RISK REPORT. This executive-level report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score along with summary charts, graphs and an explanation of the risks found in the security scans.
    • SECURITY POLICY ASSESSMENT REPORT. A detailed review of the security policies that are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.
    • SHARED PERMISSION REPORT. Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computer, detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.
    • USER PERMISSIONS REPORT. Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.
    • OUTBOUND SECURITY REPORT. Highlights deviation from industry standards compared to outbound port and protocol accessibility, lists available wireless networks as part of a wireless security survey, and provides information on Internet content accessibility.
    • EXTERNAL VULNERABILITIES FULL DETAIL REPORT. A comprehensive output including security holes, warnings, and informational items that can help you make better network security decisions, plus a full NMap Scan which checks all 65,535 ports and reports which are open. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.


    By performing regular security health checks with Support Bay's security assessment, we help our clients like yourself protect their assets, guard against downtime, and help them sleep better at night. Our security assessment reports demonstrat our professionalism and in-depth knowledge of your systems, as well as uncovering potential security flaws.


    Think about it like taking your car to a quick lube center to check the filters, belts, and fluid levels in your car – to catch little problems before they become big ones – the definition of a managed service.

    With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there's absolutely no risk to you. For only $999, your company has everything to win and nothing to lose. Go ahead and sign up to Support Bay's Security Assessment services right now.

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